Welcome to Eso-Styles

Welcome to this new fan-site dedicated to physical items and styles  you can find in the game Elder Scrolls Online. It is structured in two parts :

  • Armor/Weapons Styles  :

Using the search engines on the left sidebar menu, you’l

l be able to search and compare all kinds of armors and weapons found in the game. Unlike other similar websites, this site will offer more than 5000 pictures (for every single armor part in every style or substyle (level tiered styles), from different angles (front and back), from both craftable motifs but also looted not (yet) craftable styles,for both genders (- for full sets and chest part only -) )

  • Housing Furnitures :

With the release of “Homestead”, housing will appear on TESO, and with that lots of craftable and uncraftable furniture. As Eso-Styles is all about ingame styles, I wanted to create another section dedicated to furniture pictures so that you can preview all existing furniture (Many thanks to Shinni for his great “furniture Preview” addon which is of great help for this). Pictures alone won’t be of great help as you also need to know HOW to get them, that’s why I built up filterable and searchable tables (mainly with the help of @Dominoid) that provide a wide variety of information (categories, sources, recipes (if any), prices, vendor locations, achievement requirements, ingame links, and images of course) I also would like to thank @Bagatur, @ItchytheRat and @erratum38 for their help getting pics of furnitures and styles !

As I am french, I also provided the french names for homes and furnitures in order to help the french community. I hope it will be helpful.
Please note that those tables are HUGE with more than 3500 entries and it may require more than 20seconds to load the page (but it’s worth the wait) !

Completed so far  :

  • Armors / Weapons  (so far : 4451 items)
    • Basic Styles : 70% (missing all armors except Breton, all weapons done)
    • Exotic , Monster sets & Not-crafted styles : includes new Clockwork City styles : Dreadhorn, Bloodforge, Apostle and Ebonshadow
  • Furnitures

    • 47 existing homes (with racial style, location, capacities, costs)
    • 3522 existing items in information table (2852 with known source) (slow loading)
    • 3181 items with screenshots  (both in dedicated gallery and information table)
    • 1399 furniture recipes (all with tradeskilll and components requirements)

NB: This fansite is a self-heavily-customized WordPress CMS and I work alone with my wife (whom I thank deeply for her help ! ).  I am developping and feeding this site alone, all screenshots are made by us, using our Live and PTS characters, it represents months of work (screenshot sessions, coding and datafeeding) , and with time I think it will be a great addition for all people interested in customizing their armors and their houses. If you like what you find on this site, please consider donating through Paypal as it will help greatly. Thank you.

I hope you enjoy your visit and if you have any questions don’t hesite to contact me !

Llogwey Greenfire
Dunmer Nightblade, Co-leader of Illendar Guild on the EU Megaserver

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