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Imperial 1H Axe (lvl 1-14)

Imperial 1H Axe (lvl 16-24)

Imperial 1H Axe (lvl 26-34)

Imperial 1H Axe (lvl 36+)

Imperial 1H Mace (lvl 1-14)

Imperial 1H Mace (lvl 16-24)

Imperial 1H Mace (lvl 26-34)

Imperial 1H Mace (lvl 36+)

Imperial 1H Sword (lvl 1-14)

Imperial 1H Sword (lvl 16-24)

Imperial 1H Sword (lvl 26-34)

Imperial 1H Sword (lvl 36+)

Imperial 2H Axe (lvl 1-14)

Imperial 2H Axe (lvl 16-24)

Imperial 2H Axe (lvl 26-34)

Imperial 2H Axe (lvl 36+)

Imperial 2H Mace (lvl 1-14)

Imperial 2H Mace (lvl 16-24)

Imperial 2H Mace (lvl 26-34)

Imperial 2H Mace (lvl 36+)

Imperial 2H Sword (lvl 1-14)

Imperial 2H Sword (lvl 16-24)

Imperial 2H Sword (lvl 26-34)

Imperial 2H Sword (lvl 36+)

Imperial Bow (lvl 1-14)

Imperial Bow (lvl 16-24)

Imperial Bow (lvl 26-34)

Imperial Bow (lvl 36+)

Imperial Dagger (lvl 1-14)

Imperial Dagger (lvl 16-24)

Imperial Dagger (lvl 26-34)

Imperial Dagger (lvl 36+)

Imperial Quiver (lvl 1-14)

Imperial Quiver (lvl 16-24)

Imperial Quiver (lvl 26-34)

Imperial Quiver (lvl 36+)

Imperial shield (lvl 1-14)

Imperial shield (lvl 16-24)

Imperial shield (lvl 26-34)

Imperial shield (lvl 36+)

Imperial Staff (lvl 1-14)

Imperial Staff (lvl 16-24)

Imperial Staff (lvl 26-34)

Imperial Staff (lvl 36+)