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Blood Spawn Set – front

Blood Spawn Set – back

Chokethorn Set – front

Chokethorn Set – back

Domihaus Set – front

Domihaus Set – back

Earthgore Set – front

Earthgore Set – back

Engine Guardian Set – front

Engine Guardian Set – back

Grothdarr Set – front

Grothdarr Set – back

Iceheart Set – front

Iceheart Set – back

Ilambris Set – front

Ilambris Set – back

Infernal Guardian Set – front

Infernal Guardian Set – back

Kra’gh Set – front

Kra’gh Set – back

Lord Warden set – front

Lord Warden set – back

Maw of the Infernal Set – front

Maw of the Infernal Set – back

Mighty Chudan set – front

Mighty Chudan set – back

Molag Kena set – front

Molag Kena set – back

Nerien’Eth set – front

Nerien’Eth set – back

Nightflame set – front

Nightflame set – back

Pirate Skeleton Set – front

Pirate Skeleton Set – back

Scourge Harvester set – front

Scourge Harvester set – back

Selene Set – front

Selene Set – back

Sellistrix Set – front

Sellistrix Set – back

Sentinel of Rkugamz Set – front

Sentinel of Rkugamz Set – back

Shadowrend Set – front

Shadowrend Set – back

Slimecraw Set – front

Slimecraw Set – back

Spawn of Mephala set – front

Spawn of Mephala set – back

Stormfist Set – front

Stormfist Set – back

Swarm Mother Set – front

Swarm Mother Set – back

The Troll King Set – front

The Troll King Set – back

Tremorscale Set – front

Tremorscale Set – back

Valkyn Skoria Set – front

Valkyn Skoria Set – back

Velidreth set – front

Velidreth set – back